Have a Missing Transaction?

It can take up to 14 days for the transaction to appear in your The Sun Cashback account. If your transaction hasn’t appeared after 14 days, please fill in the claim form within the app with all the relevant information regarding your transaction.

We will then escalate the transaction with the retailer and card schemes. We aim to let you know within 10 days once your claim has been escalated with the retailer; we do all we can to get an update to you as soon as possible!

Things to note

We require proof of purchase which shows the last 4 digits of the card used for the transaction. Not all of our retailers allow us to track and reward Apple/Google Pay transactions. The retailers that support Apple/Google Pay have the corresponding icons below their retailer image in the app. Please check the app before making a transaction to avoid disappointment. Currently, we do not support PayPal, AMEX, or transactions made through Curve cards.

How long will my transaction be pending?

We have varying pending periods across our retailers.

Typically a transaction will be complete after 35 days, which is faster than the industry average. At this point, if you have met your network's redemption threshold you can redeem the rewards from that transaction. However, sometimes we have to extend the completion time, this is for various reasons.

If you go to 'History' within the app you can click on each transaction listed which will give you an accurate countdown as to when that transaction will complete and become available for redemption.

Do all retailers supple Apple Pay/Google Pay

Even though most retailers track Apple Pay/Google Pay, unfortunately not all retailers are able to track and reward these types of transactions at the moment. You can see which retailers support Apple Pay/Google Pay as they have the icon in the app.


Why do I need to add a card?

We require you to link at least one card so we can track your purchases. We only track purchases so we can reward them.

How do I earn cashback?

Once you've linked a card, just shop as normal. You'll automatically earn cash back which can then be redeemed.

Is it secure?

Your security is our priority. We are official partners of Visa and Mastercard and we're PCI compliant so you can rest assured that your details are always kept secure and encrypted.

What will you do with my card data?

We can only see the transactions you can make with our retailers so we can reward you - we can't see anything else! We will never share or sell your data to a third party.

What if I want to remove or change my cards?

You can delete a card at any time and we don't store your card data. You can add up to 10 cards - we recommend you add every Visa and Mastercard you use so you don't miss out on any rewards.

How can I add a card?

Simply enter the long number and the expiration date, or tap the camera icon to scan your card.


How do I redeem rewards?

After transactions are tracked to your account, they are given a pending status. This is a restriction set by our retail partners. Check the transaction detail in your history section to see the estimated confirmation date. We’ll notify you via push message when your transactions are confirmed.

You can redeem your rewards in the 'Rewards' section, by selecting the amount from the picker.

If your redemption has failed, please contact us.

My Account

Is The Sun Cashback free?

Yep! Our app is completely free, and we will never charge you a single penny for using our service. All we want to do is reward you!

Why does my account say inactive?

A member's account is automatically set to inactive if they have not accessed The Sun Cashback app for 6 months, this is mentioned in the terms. However, not to worry, we have still tracked your transactions and we can have your account and balance reinstated to the correct amount. Please email us at and we can assist.

How do I close my account?

We are sorry to hear that you want to leave us.

If you are unsure about linking your card, please be assured that our members’ security is our top priority. We are PCI compliant, and your card details are encrypted and stored securely with our partners Visa & Mastercard.

If you need to change your network or mobile number, don't worry, you can do that yourself in the app settings

If you still want to close your account, please email us and we'll help you!

Is The Sun Cashback secure?

Our members’ security is our top priority. We are PCI compliant, and your card details are encrypted and stored securely with our partners Visa and MasterCard. You can delete your cards from your account at any time which will remove all card data completely.

How will I be contacted?

There are two types of communications we send to our community. Service comms are critical to operating the service for our members and are designed to confirm your transactions, rewards and new retailer launches. The second are marketing comms where we promote retailer offers as well as community competitions. See below for a full breakdown.

Service comms include...

If you do not want to receive these emails please unsubscribe from these messages.

Marketing comms include...

If you do not want to receive these emails, please select opt-out from marketing messages within the profile section of your account.


Do offer rates change?

Retailer offer rates change frequently at the discretion of our retail partners, these can vary due to a number of factors. Because of this, we always advise our members to check offer rates before shopping to avoid disappointment.

How often do new retailers get added?

New retailers are added to The Sun Cashback programme every month, we will notify you with updates via push message and email. To stay in the loop, please make sure your preferences are up to date so we can contact you.

We're constantly listening to our members to find out the brands they'd like to see on the programme. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email!


How do I earn?

To earn rewards with our retail partners, you’ll first need to link your payment cards to the The Sun Cashback programme. We accept any Visa or Mastercard payment cards.

We require you to link your payment cards so that we can reward your spend with our retail partners. We only ever receive transactional data from retailers on our programme.

Cards become active 24 hours after you link them, you’ll be notified via push message when it becomes active. Please make sure your push preferences are turned on to stay up to date. If you have made a purchase before your card is active, unfortunately, the transaction will not be tracked, and therefore not qualify for a reward.

Once linked, you can use your active cards to transact with our retailers - you do not need to pay through the app or tell the cashier you’re on The Sun Cashback programme.

Transactions will not show on your account instantly - it can take up to 14 days for transactions to reach our system. We’ll notify you via push message when it arrives.

Please note that we do not accept any bank cards from outside the UK.

What happens if I return a purchase to a retailer?

Rewards are deducted from your account immediately upon returning a purchase to a retailer. However, this will be balanced out and the rewards added to your available balance once the original transaction completes.

How do I refer a friend?

Referrals, a quick and easy way to get some extra credit! So, how do you refer?

How to send a referral code:

  1. Go to the App

  2. Click on the “Share and Earn Button” in the top right-hand corner

  3. Tap to copy the code and share it with your friend

How to add/ enter a referral code received:

  1. Go to the App

  2. Click on the “Share and Earn Button” in the top right-hand corner

  3. Enter your code in the referral code section

Or alternatively, you can go to your Profile and send or enter referral codes in the “Earn Free Credit” Section.

The referral process may not work due to two main reasons:

  1. You can only add/enter one referral code per person.

  2. The individual you give the referral code to must have set up their account after you.

My card withdrawal has failed?

You can redeem your rewards directly to your registered Visa/Mastercard. Simply click redeem and choose your preferred card. The redemption can take up to 1 hour to complete. If your redemption is unsuccessful, please contact us at: